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      Steve Jones, singer, songwriter, cowboy, musician, That Irish Kid
(photo by Bill Patterson)

Steve has one of the purest voices I've ever heard. Any Western song is enhanced by the clean, pure, soaring tenor voice. It puts you in mind of the tenor voices so well known of the Sons of the Pioneers, including Ken Carson, Ken Lattimor, and has the western feel of Mr. Pioneer himself, Lloyd Perryman. I haven't heard any of the three sing Irish tunes, though I suppose they did at some point, but I have heard Steve sing Irish songs. He sings them very well, and the Emerald Green of Ireland is there. Give him a listen and I'll bet you become a fan. RIDE EASY PARDS.....Vic Anderson, Cowby Troubadour

Lump of Coal, Steve Jones, Hopes Diamond Picasso, Steve Jones That Irish Kid, Steve Jones

The title track of the new CD, The Lump of Coal (Hope's Diamond), is a co-write with Sandy Reay. It is based on a real life experience I had on the Durango-Silverton RR in October 2018. Night Guard Lullaby, a co-write with Randy Huston, is also a favorite and is featured on the back cover and CD label. There are several originals and other co-writes. The 16 tracks provide almost an hour of entertainment.

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See Steve's video interview on:

Hello Steamboat
Episode 66 July 17th 2018

Interview 11:03 - 18:33

Performance 21:27 - 30:51

Steve Jones, Irish Coyote cowboy music
(photo by Bill Patterson)
  Irish Coyote Music, Steve Jones, Irish Tenor cowboy
(photo by Bill Patterson)
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