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      Steve Jones, singer, songwriter, cowboy, musician, That Irish Kid
(photo by Bill Patterson)


Steve Jones is well-known as the tenor singer and guiltar player from The Yampa Valley Boys. For more informaiton, see his bio on his Bio / Press Kit page.

Steve has one of the purest voices I've ever heard. Any Western song is enhanced by the clean, pure, soaring tenor voice. It puts you in mind of the tenor voices so well known of the Sons of the Pioneers, including Ken Carson, Ken Lattimor, and has the western feel of Mr. Pioneer himself, Lloyd Perryman. I haven'theard any of the three sing Irish tunes, though I suppose they did at some point, but I have heard Steve sing Irish songs. He sings them very well, and the Emerals Green of Ireland is there. Give him a listen and I'll bet you become a fan. RIDE EASY PARDS.....Vic Anderson, Cowby Troubadour

Be sure to check out his Calendar, That Irish Kid (his previous solo CD), and his more recent CD, Picasso.

Picasso CD by Steve Jones

The title track, Picasso, is co-written with the great Les Buffham. I have performed it a several times already and there is a bit of a controversy. People ask, how can he be “part Paint and part Pinto”? Les researched the issue through the American Paint Horse Association and was told that, “it is entirely possible, if the sire was a Pinto or Paint and the dam was the same. Also it could result from earlier cross breeding.”

Picasso is a wild stallion belonging to the herd in the Sand Wash Basin in Northwestern Colorado. He is a beauty. There are many wild horses throughout the West and the CD is dedicated to them. There are some other great songs, including some Irish and originals.

You can order through CD Baby (button below), or send $17 to me at P.O. Box 773611, Steamboat Springs, CO 80477, and I will mail a signed copy to you.

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See Steve's video interview on:

Hello Steamboat
Episode 66 July 17th 2018

Interview 11:03 - 18:33

Performance 21:27 - 30:51

Steve Jones, Irish Coyote cowboy music
(photo by Bill Patterson)
  That Irish Kid, Steve Jones solo CD
  Irish Coyote Music, Steve Jones, Irish Tenor cowboy
(photo by Bill Patterson)
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