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The Lump Of Coal

Lump of Coal, Steve Jones, Hopes Diamond      

Night Guard Lullaby, arose like a phoenix from the ashes of a song called Blue Colorado Sky. I was lukewarm about putting it on the CD. After hearing it, Randy Huston suggested that we rewrite the lyrics using the melody already recorded. Now, it is about a cowboy riding night guard pondering his life — present and future. Coyotes of Copper Ridge and Last Campfire are also cowrites with Randy.

The Lump of Coal (Hope's Diamond), is a cowrite with Sandy Reay. It is based my real life experience aboard the Durango-Silverton RR. In the Middle of Nowhere, is a Baxter Black poem that he graciously donated to me at the Cochise Cowboy Gathering. I set it to music. Down At Joe's, in honky tonk style, was written by Sandy Reay and John Nelson. They asked to do the lead vocal. The other tracks include some Irish, Scottish and classic cowboy songs. There are also some fun songs, such as Blow Up Your TV, which I modernized and made into a cowboy song.

Songs Include:

Night Guard Lullaby * If I Never See Ireland Again * The Lump of Coal (Hope's Diamond) * It's A Cowboy I Will Be * Loving Today In the Land of Tomorrow * Too Many Fences * In The Middle of Nowhere * El Paso * Down At Joe's * Drover Road To Amulree * Homegrown Tomatoes * New Home On the Range * Coyotes of Copper Ridge * Steamboatin' * Blow Up Your TV * Last Campfire


The title track, Picasso, is a cowrite with Les Buffham. Les has assured us that a horse can be "part Paint and part Pinto". Picasso has now gone to that great pasture in the sky. He was a wild stallion. He lived his life in the Sandwash Basin in Northwestern Colorado. This CD also has some Irish and original songs. Picasso CD by Steve Jones

Songs Include:

Picasso * Old Double Diamond * Broken White Line * Irish Pub Song * Eileen Aroon * Six Gun for Hire * Cowboy's Hard Times * Slavonia Mine * Irish Cowboy's Lament * Stupid Dog * They Call the Wind Mariah * The Parting Glass / Safe Home (Slan Abhaille)


Album of the Week : Steve Jones : "Picasso" - 2017
Steve’s been called "the Irish cowboy tenor" and has a very distinct sound that sets him apart from other western performers. Be sure an’ check out his mix of original an’ cover tunes off of this CD.

Chuckaroo TheBuckaroo, Eagle Country Radio

That Irish Kid

That Irish Kid is about emigration from Ireland because of the potato famine to a new home in the American west and some things that may have happened." It includes three of Steve's original songs, two cover songs and several Irish traditional songs that fit the theme. Steve's originals are: That Irish Kid / Danny Boy (a poem that goes to the chorus of Danny Boy), Niña, and The Callin' of the Pipes. That Irish Kid

Songs Include:

Carrickfergus (Intro) * The Galway Shawl * That Irish Kid / Danny Boy * Fields of Athenry * Moreton Bay * No Irish Need Apply * Niña * The Risin' of the Moon * The Reason I Left Mullingar * Oh, Danny Boy * Callin' of the Pipes * Carrickfergus

Rick Huff, The Western Way Magazine, Summer 2012:

Steve Jones…has gone solo!! Only for this one, he hastens to tell us! But with this one he becomes the latest Western artist to stitch using those strong Irish Cowboy threads, and the result is a heap o'music!
Here we find lilting ballads, spritely jigs and a couple of deceptively uptempo tracks dealing with ugly social underpinnings…such as signs bearing the dread letters "NINA" (No Irish Need Apply)…and the confusion that ensues when our young Irish friend encounters the Mexican lassie called "Niña!"
The CD is a mix of new originals, appropriate previously released but newly recorded…tracks and some auld-ies but goodies! Five additional musicians create with Jones a suitable canvas on which to paint the green.

This video features The Yampa Valley Boys version of “Ponies” along with a montage of photographs taken by Janice Haymes, Craig, CO of horses during the annual Sombrero Ranch Horse Drive in May each year.
The Yampa Valley Boys at the Colorado Cowboy Poetry Gathering, performing Already Gone with the songwriter,  Sandy Reay


Steve Jones performed "Already Gone" with the songwriter, Sandy Reay, at the 2011 Colorado Cowboy Gathering.

(photo by Reggie Barrett)

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