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      Steve Jones, singer, songwriter, cowboy, musician, That Irish Kid
(photo by Bill Patterson)

Press Kit - Steve Jones Bio

YAMPA VALLEY STEVE, the Cowboy Irish Tenor, or just Steve Jones, is beginning his third year as a solo artist. He brings enthusiasm and energy to the stage with an audience friendly show. He performs cowboy/western, folk, classic country and Irish cover, traditional and original songs.

He has performed at the prestigious 3 Forks Ranch, which straddles the Colorado/Wyoming border in the
beautiful Little Snake River valley. He has appeared solo at the Arizona Folklore Preserve, Cochise and Durango Gatherings, Steamboat Pro Rodeo series, county fairs and many other public and private events. As a member of the Yampa Valley Boys, he has also performed at the the Cochise, Durango, Encampment, Nebraska (Valentine, NE) and Colorado Cowboy Gatherings. During the winter, he is most often found at the Bar Lazy L Family Ranch sleigh ride venue.

The great Vic Anderson put out a nice compliment about Steve, saying, "Steve has one of the purest voices I've ever heard. Any Western song is enhanced by the clean, pure, soaring tenor voice...."

Steve has also been known as the cowboy Irish Tenor. He has two solo CD’s, “That Irish Kid” (2012) and “Picasso” (2017). He continues to write new songs, and another CD is in the planning stage.

Steve Jones, Irish Coyote Music

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Steve Jones, singer, songwriter, cowboy, musician, That Irish Kid

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